Direct to Garment Printer Brother

Direct to Garment Printer Brother

Direct to Garment Printer Brother

Direct to garnment printer. Print directly on the shirt without any preparation with the Brother printers.

Brother GT-341, GT-361 and GT-381

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The Brother GTX comes with technical sophistication and ease of use that you would expect from the next generation of garment printers plus more. With GTX, print the most complicated and color-intense designs (including photographic imagery) faster and with more eye-popping resolution faster than ever before. Printing size 40.64 x 53.34 cm

19,995.00 *
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Delivery weight: 130 kg

Direct to garment printer Brother GT-341. With 4 print head C/M/J/N for printing on light and white color shirts.

9,500.00 *
Delivery weight: 120 kg

Direct to garment printer GT361 with 4 print heads C/M/Y/B + 2 print heads white. For printing on light and black shirt.

11,995.00 *
Delivery weight: 120 kg

Direct to garment printer GT-381 with 4 print heads for the colors C/M/Y/B + 4 print head for the white. Up to 1200 dpi printing with one pass for white and colors.

14,995.00 *
Delivery weight: 100 kg

Second Hand machine

Digital Garment Printer The Brother GT-541 uses ink jet technology that prints on many garments in high quality color directly from a computer. This ink jet garment printer is as simple to operate as a desktop printer, which can be networked with multiple units, to deliver great print quality and still remain cost-effective for short-run apparel graphics applications.

4,900.00 *
Delivery weight: 150 kg

The GT-541 is now replace by the new brother printer, GT-341


Brother upgrade for GT-3. Upgrade from GT-341 to 361 or 381. Upgrade from GT-361 to 381

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Delivery weight: 2 kg
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