Film for 4 colors screen printing process CMYK

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We can print your transparancy fim for 4 colors screen printing process, CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, BLACK

We can do for you the 4 colors separation or use your files separates (please give us in the case the color and angle)


We can choose a frequency between 20 to 65 LPI

You can send us you files by mail:  or using 

We use normally a Ellipse point with this angle :

cyan 37,5°, magenta 7,5°, yellow  52,5°, black  67,5°


You can use the area "Order and delivery comments" in the shoping basket if you have other preference 

Frequency Application Mesh
35 Textile printing 45 to 68 mesh/ cm
45 Textile printing with details 68 to 90 mesh/ cm
55 Textile printing with photo image 90 to 120 mesh/ cm
65 Print on paper 100 to 120 mesh/ cm
75 Print on paper with details 100 to 140 mesh/ cm
100 Print on paper photos 130 to 160 mesh/ cm
125 à 175

Industrial application with non absorbant substrate

160 mesh/ cm and more


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