When vibrant colors and bright whites are not enough, International Coatings comes through with dimensional, glitter, reflective, metallic, puff and other special-effect inks to meet the need.




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Destructo, special effect plastisol is used to create cracked or vintage effects. After curing, destructuro cracks and splits apart when pulled, stretched or crumpled.

43.50 *

108LF* is a Glow-in-the-Dark (phosphorescent) plastisol screen printing ink that produces a bright, greenish glow when exposed to light and viewed in a darken area.

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Delivery weight: 1 kg

These inks produce dramatic 3-dimensional, heavy-deposit prints. Because of reduced tack and increased flow characteristics, these high-viscosity plastisol inks will print through thick stencils. Their unique flash time will speed up production and dwell time in the dryer.

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Delivery weight: 4 kg

Plastisol based product that produces a "wet" look when printed on top of other flashed plastisol inks. Very glossy product, which is not sticky or tacky after curing.

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Used to create very uniquely textured spongy surfaces. Use a stand alone product or in combination with other inks such as International Coatings Granite base or colors concentrates to create a variety of new textures and looks.

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Delivery weight: 4 kg

156LF, 157LF, 158LF Metallic Shimmers 156LF Metallic Silver, 157LF Metallic Gold, and 158LF Metallic Copper LB Shimmer Plastisols are all press-ready. They provide a bright, non-tarnishing metallic sparkle to printed garments.

The inks consist of fine, shimmering glitter flakes in a low-bleed, low-fusion, easy-to-print base. Easy printing is a real plus for hand and automatic printers when it comes to wear and tear on people and equipment.

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Delivery weight: 1 kg

96LF and 92LF Metallic Silvers and metallic gold are plastisol based products that produce a "chrome" metallic look when printed.

Optilux™ 505 Ultra Reflective Plastisol is an easy to print, two-part, retro-reflective ink that contains light-reflecting microspheres. When a garment printed with Optilux™ 505 ink is exposed to a focused beam of light, such as that from a flashlight or an automobile headlight, it reflects or returns light back to the light source. Optilux™ 505 Ultra Reflective Plastisol can be used as a unique decorative tool to increase nighttime visibility of a printed design.

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Delivery weight: 1 kg
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