RUB - Rubb off ink

RUB - Rubb off ink


RUB - RUB off inks


Rub off inks RUB are special screen printing inks used to mask writing and symbols of winning tickets (lottery tickets). They are used to make the numbers invisible, even when holding into light. RUB inks are removed with a hard item, e.g. coin or fingernail.


Rub off inks are suitable for varnished substrates. Pre-printing screen varnishes and also various offset coatings (e.g. UV- or water based) are suitable. We recommand varnished CP 70/31.

Pretests to check for rub off properties are necessary. Tests for rub off properties should only be carried out after the printed rub off lottery tickets have aged for some time. Ageing by heat influence, e.g. 50°C (122°F) for 48 hours.

To achieve best possible adhesion these screen printing inks should be printed with a coarse fabric,not finer than 77 threads/cm. Printing consistency is adjusted with thinner AV.


One liter, available in black, silver and gold.


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Rub off Black
Product: Rub off Black
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Rub off Silver
Product: Rub off Silver
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Rub off Gold
Product: Rub off Gold
62.70 € *
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